R2d2 and c3p0, original Lee Henderson

R2d2 and c3p0, original

Kunstner: Lee Henderson
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R2d2 and c3p0, original
Lee Henderson
R2d2 and c3p0 - Lee Henderson Kontakt ved kjøp:  post@undergroundgallery.no Original on canvas 1/1 Str: 75 x 75 cm Mix media, spray and 21 layers stencil +5% Art Fee +Shipping or pick up at gallery. Kaigaten 18, 5016 Bergen   Lee Henderson´s backgrounds may seem like unintentional abstract tags but on closer inspection you will see the same tags in different colors and variations throughout his work, he doesn't say exactly what these mean or who they are for but only that they are a call from his soul to the ones he loves.