Underground Gallery is proud to represent a unique Urban Art store of the world’s best handpicked street art.

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Original artworks and prints of local and international street art and urban artists are available for collectors and fans of street art and contemporary art. Underground Gallery is an upcoming top street art gallery in Bergen.


Underground Gallery is a home to a framing workshop which provides the very best high quality materials as solid wood from sustainable sources. Every corner of the frame is carefully glued, sealed and sanded to the join in order to achieve a completely seamless and smooth feel.

In our workshop we offer the most classic type of traditional frames, which is the most common choice in fine art galleries and exhibitions. We have mouldings to suit your budget, and at the same time give the best quality products provided. Our customers can choose between the different mounts for standard frames. We offer a range of mount board colours to complement or contrast your image which are custom cut to your required dimensions. 

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It is incredibly important for artworks that are special, either from a monetary or a personal perspective, to ensure that it is properly protected. Our general rule is to use UV-glass to protect the art. This will give it the flexibility to hang either in a bright room or dimly lit bedroom during its life, with the peace of mind that it will be safe. 

We choose to use high quality boards in all our frames, which in combination with a UV-glass gives your work perfect protection from back to front. 

Underground Gallery framing workshop trying to provide best quality framing service with a goal to suit all customers, budgets and expectations.  

“Everything you can imagine is real!!!” ― Pablo Picasso

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Underground Gallery er stolt av å presentere et unikt utvalg av urban kunst, gatekunst og popart fra verdens beste gatekunstnere. Originale verk og print fra lokale og internasjonale gatekunstnere er tilgjengelig for samlere og tilhengere av gatekunst og urban kunst.Underground Gallery er et helt nytt og topp moderne galleri.

Du finner oss i Bergen sentrum og Stavanger sentrum. 

Underground Gallery - Bergen

Underground Gallery - Stavanger