ICY & SOT – The Race Icy & Sot

ICY & SOT – The Race

Kunstner: Icy & Sot
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ICY & SOT – The Race
Icy & Sot
The Race av ICY & SOT 5 colour screenprint with Lascaux ink on 300g Conqueror Connoisseur paperOpplag: 100Signert av kunstner Bredde: 50 cmHøyde: 70 cm +Frakt eller hentes hos Underground Gallery, Kaigaten 18, Bergen eller Steinkargata 24, Stavanger    ICY & SOT Born in tabriz, Iran in 1985 and 1991 respectively, street art siblings ICY and SOT began making work under less than hospitable conditions. initially influenced by the graffiti and stencils in skateboarding films and video games, the pair soon began making their own distinctive mark on the walls of their native city. speed and discretion often go hand in hand with creating unauthorised artworks but this is especially true in tabriz, where an unsympathetic and intolerant legal system often hands out charges much more severe than those usually associated with vandalism.