Bulldog - TA-DA mother f@ckers, original Bulldog

Bulldog - TA-DA mother f@ckers, original

Kunstner: Bulldog
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Bulldog - TA-DA mother f@ckers, original
TA-DA mother f@ckers av Bulldog Hot pink edition Original 1/1 Str: 100 x 100 cm Stencil & Spray +5% Kunstavgift +Frakt, eller hentes i galleriet.   Verket kan kjøpes online eller kom innom galleriet i Kaigaten 18, Bergen - Culture is a meritocracy Earn respect for your hard work and ideas... sound fair? Yes. No? People want to believe they live in a 'fair' society where hard work can achieve anything, regardless. This is simply not true. Meritocracy is a myth. A dystopia where everyone loses -even the winners. The helmet is a symbol of the many children of the world raised with the double message from the surrounding society. To find your own personality, to dare and embrace your unique “you” But at the same time you won’t be accepted if you’re not like every one else. You’re uniqueness can harm you if it’s to “unique”. At the end you will strive to be like every one else just more successful.