PREFAB77 a.k.a. Peter Manning is a UK based artist whos origins and influences are in England, California and New York.
His early training as a printmaker and designer for Her Majesty in the British Army was fundamental in influencing his early Untied Kingdom subject matter, going on to New York to work in fashion and branding which influences his current.
His fascination with portraiture and the female form stems from this period and is central to his imagery.

Prefab77 has worked with Nike, Converse, GAP, Keds snowboards as well as creating the covert art for The New York Dolls final studio album Dancing Backwards in High Heels. At the same time he is creating fine art shows at the Electrik Sheep Gallery for Banksy, Eine, Swoon, Pure Evil and Eelus.

The style is fast, hard edged and stripped down, a dark world of Gangs, Goddesses and Groupies, woven into a pure, rock and rebellion. A luxurious mixture of print, acrylic, spraypaint, wheatpaste and varnish.