Lee Henderson


Lee Henderson found himself artistically speaking just over 5 years ago, with no formal training he had always loved drawing and painting in his younger years but then life got in the way.¨

It wasn’t until he stumbled across multi layered stencil art that his artistic journey really began. Since then with every piece he creates, he constantly pushes himself and his techniques, to create some truly amazing work. Lee likes his work to have an ethereal quality to it, evoking some deep dream-like feeling within the viewer. He also likes to intersect these pieces with famous icons which have touched him personally with their work.

Each piece created can take anywhere between 30 hours, all the way up to 200 hours, depending on the level of detail he would like to achieve. Never one to rest on his laurels Lee has amassed quite a body of work that is starting to get the attention of the urban art world and collectors across the globe.

After winning the 2015 Surface Gallery street art open exhibition Lee was a finalist in the Australia stencil art prize.