Jameson Robinson


Back in 2014 Jameson Robinson started his art journey by painting the classic
London bricks, making them look like colourful Legos. Later he started painting
various designs onto them, giving the endurable and solid piece a new life.
Robinson explains how “Another brick in the wall’ has been a way of underlining
the monotony or voicelessness of repetition.
-“”The London brick is a strong and enduring symbol of urban life. It has rough or
smooth surfaces and is functional in its form, but it has a simplistic beauty that
belies its strength and consistency. This is what makes the hand painted bricks so
special, they ́re original and ironically no two are the same””-
One of his signature brick designs was a pink ‘inflatable’ brick. Artist attached a
valve from a swimming aid to a brick that was painted pink. The juxtaposition
between the heavy, industrial brick and something so light and playful amused him,
along with friends and family.
During the first lockdown in 2020, he could not buy bricks so he up-cycled
cardboard boxes he had beer delivered in and painted onto that. Now he split
painting between canvas, brick, cardboard, cotton rag paper and ‘found’ objects...
Artist uses various techniques, quite often painting an original by hand and then
using stencil to repeat its use or alternative designs and backgrounds. His medium
is acrylic but he mix in rust pigments, metallic colours for ageing effects.
Jameson Robinson ‘signature’ colour is Brighton Green - a kind of sea weathered
turquoise colour found on many municipal and seafront objects in Brighton,
England. It ages and rusts beautifully.... The colour takes on many different hues
over its life and he always mix by sight, not formula.
Jameson Robinson always been inspired by art, particularly Warhol, Bridget Riley,
Damien Hirst, Banksy, Harland Miller, to name a few.... And his Dad, who was a
designer / art director in the 60’s - 90’s.