Ener Konings


Ener Konings is a Norwegian-born artist in the genre urban contemporary art. He was born in Bergen in 1989, and grew up in a period characterized by the development of street art in the cityscape.

Over the past few years, Ener Konings has developed a visual iconography and a language used to portray people as funny, soulful, real and varied personalities. He glues up past up of illustrations and home-made drawings. The intention is to breathe life into the forgotten corners of the image, and inspire the audience to see themselves in a larger context. By placing these in the public space, he often brings together different aspects of visual culture, namely classic portraiture and graffiti. His artistic expression began more politically. Now distancing himself from the political nature of street art, he draws parallels between emotional relationships and the monotonous details of our former lives. Ener has now stopped gluing up pastup and switched to a new technique when it comes to his art. He makes collages from materials he collects on the street and which he later installs on the street again