CRIB combines street art with different styles in her images, and is one of Europe's best within Pop Art.  She carries the unique style that you will not find in other artists. The artist often uses humor as a  theme in her motives, as she explains it is closest to her heart. Her works carry massive  combinations of colors and are incredibly joyful to look at. The artist works mainly in her art studio, but loves making stencil art in the streets of Norway and Germany.  

CRIB has also been selected as the official painter for Taittinger champagne in France and for Afri  Cola in Germany. In 2017, she had 4 pictures in a gallery exhibition at Reperbanen in Hamburg. The pictures were  quickly sold out, which led to a solo exhibition in the same place in Hamburg in 2018.  In 2018, CRIB also had her first exhibition in Norway. It was in Bergen and in Stord cities.   CRIB has exhibited with Picasso, Andy Warhole and Dface. The artist has a number of regular  buyers in Germany and is represented at several major festivals, including POPKISS in Hamburg  in 2020. In Norway she collaborates with KA Galleri in Bergen. The latest og CRIBs artwork was established in 2021 at the “Worlds Longest Stencil Art Underground '' project in Bergen, Norway.