BULLDOG - RAW | Original Bulldog

BULLDOG - RAW | Original

Kunstner: Bulldog
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BULLDOG - RAW | Original
RAW av BULLDOG Original  2022 Stencil, spray på lerret, deep edge Str: 100x100 cm  +5% Kunstavgift +Frakt eller hentes i galleriet, etter avtale.   Underground Gallery, Stavanger Steinkargata 24, 4006 Stavanger     This artwork’s title is "RAW".  It’s named by this title for several reasons. One word to describe what we humans are from birth. The very first breath we take in this chaotic world we are RAW. Compared with the image file format a RAW file is an negative image that hasn’t been processed or adjusted in the slightest. We are the RAW format of an animal captured with the highest level of detail. In that specific moment we are only what nature intended us to be. A newborn child, a newborn animal, not yet affected or shaped by its surrounding environment. We are only the RAW ingredients shaped by nature. As we grow up we are constantly shaped by our surrounding environment. We learn by watching everyone around us. Some mistakes we make by ourselves and some we learn from others. We can also learn from the mistakes. The jaguar symbolizes the animal we are born as, and it’s "RAW" roar is the message from the animal within us and the animals we live side by side with, the time is long overdue for us to understand that we are not the superior species and we have no rights to take the ownership of this world for ourselves. It’s time to care, it’s time to understand we are only one species amongst many and we need to care for all, we need to live more in compliance with the nature. As we benefit from the nature we should also serve the nature.