AFK (pseudonym Away From Keyboard) is a street artist from Bergen, Norway. AFK  has been active in the streets since 2013. The name AFK originally came from the internet slang "Away From Keyboard". 
AFK describes himself as a stencil artist, and often uses a paste-up method where he pastes his pieces on the walls. He also works with sculpture and has been practicing street art since  his teenage years. His classic monochrome stencils are often woven together with his political undertones and his discreet use of colors, most often pink and purple, making his work easily recognizable. He often uses text in or connected with the pieces. 
AFK is also known for his focus on political and social issues. He is critical about the media which  he believes often distorts the truth and contributes to further polarization of the debate. His art is also found on house walls in Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Australia, Dubai,  Denmark and Lithuania.